Honest teleprompter reviews for choosing the right prompters & software.

You need to buy a teleprompter. Now what?

Maybe you’ve been told by your boss you need to find them a teleprompter ASAP. Maybe you just don’t want to memorize a five minute video script.

If you’re like most people, you could be overwhelmed at the endless choices for teleprompters, the fake reviews online, so you give up. You buy the cheapest. And then it fails. Your client is waiting for you to fix it, and you can’t.

Please, no.

We’ve visited too many sites that have a dusty iPad prompter sitting against a corner, or some home-made cardboard box propping up cue cards.

Best case scenario, it worked once for a simple project. Worst case, it failed and your CEO now doesn’t trust prompters and doesn’t trust you.

Wherever you live, please contact us for teleprompter reviews.

Our team brings decades of teleprompter experience to serve you. We visit the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention in Las Vegas every year to stay on top of what new teleprompters and software are coming. We’re happy to share our reviews of teleprompters and teleprompter software.

We can pass our expert knowledge to you when you’re considering purchasing or upgrading your gear, as well as configuring your studio.

While we understand budgets, we also know that cheap prompter products are not the best deal. We want you to be very satisfied with quality—long after the immediate bargain has passed.

We suggest to try before you buy teleprompters.

We regularly use teleprompters from manufacturers like AutoCue, Mirror Image, and TeleScript. We’ve owned Prompter People and Ikan teleprompters and can speak about their quality, as well. We also are proud to feature the robotic TeleStepper presidential prompters too.

Maybe you just want to rent once, and then see if buying makes sense. We recommend if you do more than 6 similar events a year, to buy one. Ask us about discounts on rentals being applied to purchase.

But if your needs change often, or may shoot outside, or in a variety of settings, we suggest you continue to hire a professional.

We can consult with teleprompter software reviews for Apple or PC.

We’ve acted as purchasing consultants for groups like Apple, Airbnb, Covered California, Salesforce, Topcon, and the University of California to choose and then buy the perfect teleprompters for their unique needs.

We also modify your existing and new gear including monitor upgrades.

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