True Stories

November 17, 2019
Teleprompter Glass and hammers. Okay…
I am working down in Long Beach, CA today for the California Democratic party. It’s always an honor to work this event with so many high […]
March 23, 2018
Toni Atkins and the TeleStepper
Wow… history made!! Super honored I got to be there in the Senate of California as the first woman, and first out member of the LGBTQ […]
May 16, 2017
Teleprompters in the Rain
Teleprompters and laptops in the rain. Expensive electronics and water. What could be better? Still, when I’m asked to come up with a solution, I’m happy […]
September 16, 2016
Doing Teleprompter for Richard
Speechwriters need to be aware of double meanings. I just finished four days teleprompting with an awesome crew, working backstage with some of the most amazing […]
August 20, 2016
Rock and Roll Teleprompter
I got requested to operate my down stage monitor lyric teleprompter for some cover band… …a super group, they said, made up of ex- or current […]
August 12, 2016
Teleprompting in the jungle, sorta.
So last night was awesome.   First of all, it was a venue I hadn’t worked in before—the City View—above the Metreon.   Second, it was […]
August 12, 2016
Apple teleprompter laptop hiding in plain sight
I’m working today for a company that refuses to see Apple products in their facility. So, much like the days when we’d read comics hidden in […]
May 17, 2016
Being a teleprompter tech at the Invictus Games for the BBC was not easy.
The Invictus Games 2016 Orlando are over, but I had the best time there! Tons of talent in the crew from the BBC and local folks, […]
January 7, 2014
Michael Bay’s CES meltdown from a teleprompter operator’s perspective
The awkward Michael Bay teleprompter moment has been shared worldwide, yet it could have been easily prevented. Director Michael Bay spoke briefly at the Consumer Electronics […]
December 4, 2013
Teleprompting for Graduation or Commencement
I have a long history with commencement (aka graduation) ceremonies. This is because I used to play saxophone in the marching bands for both my high […]
September 7, 2013
James Cameron reads our teleprompter for X Prize
Film director James Cameron is on stage in front of hundreds of wealthy X PRIZE Foundation donors. He’s reading a speech from a teleprompter in order […]
September 7, 2013
Teleprompting for a CEO in a jam
The CEO of Kaiser Permanente is sitting in the TV studio, reading from our camera mount teleprompter. Three takes later, he’s off to catch an important […]

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